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Our special service range evolved over time to satisfy the evolving client demand in the areas of:

  • Expert reports for government authorities (EU, FDA, others) in the area of registration of pharmaceuticals and medicinal products.

  • Expert reports for courts in cases of tricky legal affairs to assess the available level of evidence (e.g. cases of unfair competition, fraud detection, data theft,...).

  • Pricing support evaluations in the context of medication re-imbursement for the industry.

  • Special IT projects for clients like remote data entry software and delivery of validated laboratory systems for complex evaluations in the quality control section of pharmaceutical manufacturing units.

  • Improved statistical models for trend evaluations and forecasting of economic and/or clinical/preclinical data.

  • Support of public social security organisations with special trainings of statistics, advanced mathematical management tools and special IT tools for data analysis.

  • Support of public hospital organisations in epidemiological and economical decision making.

  • Successful participation in the EU-IFEDH project (International Framework for Evidence based Decision making in Health) and contribution of new evaluation methods of multivariate qualitative data.

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