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The data for public statistics have important peculiarities which differ from actual gold standards in science. The most important differences from our view are shown below:

  • Mandatory data collection for the control of the public's operations or performance

  • Affected by equal rights legislation in the majority of data

  • Voluntary data submission of citizens or their organisations is rare

  • Mandatory compliance with data submission timelines

State of the art statistical science has identified the following main quality deficits in public data:

  • Heavily biased due to direct financial implications for the source of information

  • Biases originating from legal, political or other lobbying interventions

  • Widespread lack of independent and comprehensive raw data verification processes as adverse effects of data protection legislation and control-avoidance attitudes of citizens

  • Uncritical trust in public databases as the information about the "whole population" without sampling errors.

We are experienced in the assessment and evaluation of public data and we can provide advice and design alternative data sources for critical decisions.

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