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Social environment and nutrition are recognised key health factors in every population.

Empirical hospital data show even in a rich European country surprisingly high frequencies of diagnoses of malnutrition. It is quite likely - in our view - that the "normal" population might be affected similarly.

There is a recognised and positive correlation between social status and quality of nutrition. However, this correlation does not describe the direct causal relation between social and health status due to the wide variety of behavioural and nutritional factors.

European census data provides strong indications of a growing share of retired persons with very limited financial possibilities to realised "healthy nutrition" for themselves.

As malnutrition can have a wide variety of undesired health implications, research sponsored by public health institutions with subsequent rational political consequences could reduce the adverse health-economic consequences of malnutrition.

We consider it as very important that such research should be provided independently of the agricultural, nutritional or pharmaceutical industry.

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