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The national health systems have evolved to a high degree of complexity in the EU and in many other countries of the civilised world.

The actual area of health systems research is guided worldwide by quality aspects, economy of demand satisfaction, transparency and limited financial resources.

E-I-S experience and expertise is capable to support the decision makers in this highly complex environment with evaluations of capacities relative to patient demands covering the aspects of:

Competitive benchmarking of diagnostic and medical interventions
Degree of medical urgency in terms of time (emergencies vs regular, elective demand)
Diagnosis evidence level required by health system
Dynamics over time
Epidemiology (high to low prevalences)
Financial implications and optimised resource usage
Geographic distribution of public health resources
Health-IT systems performance vs partner/supplier expectations
Individual intervention requirements vs recommended therapy paths
Patient service expectations
Public health partners expectations
Special problem evaluations
Structural and process quality evaluations

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